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Re: aluminum HSS connection design

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I could find nothing in the ASCE liturature regarding
aluminum HSS connections (using the ASCE's search
engine "CE Database").

The application is a pair of 80' long trusses
supporting a pedestrian walkway.

According to very recent personal conversation, both
Randy Kissell (Aluminum Association) and Prof. Jeffery
Packer (U. of Toronto...who wrote THE book on HSS
connections) said that the AWS D1.1 formuli for steel
HSS connections can be and have been used for aluminum
HSS connections, with two caveats: (1) as most
everyone knows, lower strength near welds must be
taken into account, and (2) since some of the formuli
are based on plastic yield mechanisms and aluminum has
a much lower modulus than steel, connection deflection
could be an issue.

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