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Brick Support at Chimney

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I have a condition that is probably something someone has come across who has designed large custom homes with fancy chimneys.


I have a wood framed and brick veneer office building.  It has towers, about 6 feet square at the corners.  On 2 of the sides of tower the brick veneer starts at the foundation.  On 2 sides the veneer is starting at the roof elevation.  I have a roof truss bearing at 10 feet elevation.  The wall the trusses bear on will continue above the bearing and be the backup for the brick veneer.  The brick needing support extends about 13 feet above the roof.


I was considering putting in steel posts at the 3 corners and a steel angle for the brick lintel between the 3 posts (‘L’ shape in plan view).  The difficulty I see is the posts are in the plane of the studs so the angle is eccentric to the post.  It seems to me it is difficult to tie the top of the post at the top to the wood framing.  I’m not comfortable with lag bolting the angle to the stud wall backup.  I know we had a discussion a few weeks back about wood supporting steel.  I prefer not to support steel on wood framing.


Anyone have a good detail for this they have used in the past?