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RE: bolt end distance in timber

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Title: RE: bolt end distance in timber

Yes, Bill, I am enjoying this thread.

Joe, while Appendix E says "non-mandatory," NDS(r) Section 10.1.2 states that you need to check local stresses in fasteners, and one method to do that is Appendix E.

Wrt end distance for the case you mention, I would agree with Bill that you want to measure this along the centerline of the bolts to "daylight."



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I agree with you, although in the past I (like Charlie) try to get as
conservative as I can without increasing the "ridiculous factor" too =
In this case, it is actually a truss retrofit where some connections =
need to
be strengthened, therefore there are some other concerns.=20
Also, while we are discussing bolted tension members, are any of you =
Appendix E of the 2001 NDS for "row tear out"? It says "non-mandatory", =
it can increase bolt spacing or the number of bolts over a traditional
design from previous codes.
Thanks again!
Joe Grill
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Subject: RE: bolt end distance in timber
I would say that it would be the centerline of bolts, along the grain =
it "daylights".
I'm sure Buddy Showalter is going to enjoy this dialog.

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Subject: bolt end distance in timber
This question is going through the office. If you have a timber truss =
the top chord extends over and past the bottom chord at the heel then =
end of the bottom chord has a sloped end that matches the roof pitch. =
you have one line of bolts at the bottom (tension) chord and they are =
along the member center line, where is the "7 bolt diameter" requirement
measured from. Would it be from the center line of the bolts to the
intersection of the sloped end and the center line? Or would it be from =
top of the bolt diameter to the sloped end or from the intersection of =
top edge and the sloped end (seems conservative)? All three of these
alternatives have been suggested. I tend to agree with one of the first =
Joe Grill