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I am a one-man shop and am trying to update my standard contract.  I have purchased the EJCDC contracts (these are very good by the way).  I have been told by an attorney (at a recent seminar) that I must use the copyrighted EJCDC contracts unchanged with strikethroughs, addendums and such if I make any revision.  NSPE was very ambiguous when I asked them what I can do with what I purchased.  To make things even more confusing the same attorney indicated that showing strikethroughs is not desired because if there is a problem later, what you took out becomes just as important as what was actually agreed on.  


My question is this…..what are all of you doing with contracts on small jobs?  I would love to use the EJCDC document language with all the appropriate credits (footnotes and such) in my own custom proposal/contract but do not feel comfortable doing that given the attorneys advise.  I usually do residential design with the occasional small commercial building so the fees are usually less than $5k.  Keeping things simple (especially on me) is pretty important. 




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