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RE: Lead Based Paint

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Thomas is correct about removal of paint prior to welding.  Also, removal of
lead based paint is a special problem best left to experts in removal and

Also, all workers/welders must be provided special equipment and medical
tests as noted in 29 CFR Part 1926, Lead Exposure in Construction, OSHA.

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I am not familiar with the bridge welding code but almost all other AWS
welding codes require that you remove any paint (or any other coatings,
rust, etc.) prior to welding.  With that said, you will probably still have
to have a company who specialized in hazardous material (i.e. your lead
paint) removal. 

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04/15/2005 09:56 AM Please respond to

SubjectLead Based Paint

If anyone has knowledge regarding welding to a structure that is coated with
lead based paint I'd be interested in their comments.  Specifically, is it
allowed and if so, what are the limitations, recommended practices, etc.
This is a bridge structure of unknown construction date (carbon steel is the
only information we have on material).  The bridge is of riveted
construction and needs some repairs.  The client is not interested in
removing and repainting the pealing LBP.  Thanks for any help or guidance.
Candi Anderson, P.E.

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