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RE: A7 steel

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Title: RE: A7 steel
Step away from the Kool-Aid.  You probably can't effectively heat treat A7 in place on the bridge.  I think your big problem will be localized in the HAZ of the weld and depending on the size of the weld a potential fatigue problem.  If you component is fracture critical, as most older bridges are, this could be a real bummer.
Think about this, a lot.  The local metal guru can be more eloquent about this welding problem.
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Subject: RE: A7 steel

Our office policy is not to weld to A7 steel for main structural elements. 

Not only is the welding difficult it adversely affects the parent material.

Handrails and light loads from cable trays are permitted on occasion.

I have never seen a welding procedure to a7 steel with modern steels.  Anyone have one.

That being said, I have welded to A7 steels as a last resort, but then I put on lots.  Double what is typically required.


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