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Re: Thank You for your kind thoughts

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On Apr 18, 2005, at 10:20 AM, Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

Health care is not a privilege in this country - it is the right of each citizen in this country to be cared for - including those here illegally..
You sure got that right, and this time I guess I'll be leading the charge against whatever idiotic tirade Polhemus comes up with. And I'll be loving it.

While you were gone I had a little episode of my own: cardiac arrest getting off the bus on the way home from a seminar on March 2. I was incredibly lucky and had an angiogram and a couple of stents in place before I came to the next day. The responders showed up within 2 minutes so there was no damage. I've been through all the therapy and I'm back living pretty much normally, except for a low fat, low cholesterol diet. The payoff is that I've lost 10 lb and I'm no longer troubled with heartburn.

Lucky I have insurance and Medicare. The ambulance alone was over $1000, and the cops did the de-fib at no charge. eventually I'll be seeing the bills, but if it comes to less than 30 grand I'll be very surprised. All because I was lucky enough to have a pretty good job for an employer who offers health insurance. The first time I tried working on my own I went bare, and was mortally sorry when S needed a hysterectomy. We paid for that for several years.

Anyway, it looks like we're both on the mend. So keep the faith, and be thinking good thoughts about Tom DeLay--may his demise be nasty, disgraceful and above all final.

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