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RE: Thank You for your kind thoughts

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You all are taking the opportunity of people's kindness and thoughtfulness and turning it into a political battle.  You have now even expanded it to Tom Delay.  This is just as bad as Bill P making some of his statements that you hate. 


Why couldn't you accept people's kindness and leave it at that?  Most of us don't want to fight you while you're down.  If you're angry, go write the NYT editorials.


I do wish you good health, both of you, regardless of your beliefs.



Rich Lewis




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On Apr 18, 2005, at 10:20 AM, Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:


> Health care is not a privilege in this country - it is the right of

> each citizen in this country to be cared for - including those here

> illegally..

You sure got that right, and this time I guess I'll be leading the

charge against whatever idiotic tirade Polhemus comes up with. And I'll

be loving it.


While you were gone I had a little episode of my own: cardiac arrest

getting off the bus on the way home from a seminar on March 2. I was

incredibly lucky and had an angiogram and a couple of stents in place

before I came to the next day. The responders showed up within 2

minutes so there was no damage. I've been through all the therapy and

I'm back living pretty much normally, except for a low fat, low

cholesterol diet. The payoff is that I've lost 10 lb and I'm no longer

troubled with heartburn.


Lucky I have insurance and Medicare. The ambulance alone was over

$1000, and the cops did the de-fib at no charge. eventually I'll be

seeing the bills, but if it comes to less than 30 grand I'll be very

surprised. All because I was lucky enough to have a pretty good job for

an employer who offers health insurance. The first time I tried working

on my own I went bare, and was mortally sorry when S needed a

hysterectomy. We paid for that for several years.


Anyway, it looks like we're both on the mend. So keep the faith, and be

thinking good thoughts about Tom DeLay--may his demise be nasty,

disgraceful and above all final.


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chrisw(--nospam--at)   | this distance" (last words of Gen.

.......................................| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania




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