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RE: Thank You for your kind thoughts

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Dear Dennis,

I am glad you and your family are on the mend.  I am glad that you and your
wife are producive members of our society.  I am glad that you work hard and
earn enough money for yourselves and your company to be able to afford
health care.  I am, however, offended that you would use this situation,
when many of us feel sympathy for you and your family, to slide in political

Since you opened the door in such a sinister way, I feel obligated to
counter.  Who exactly, gave everyone the right to healthcare?  Its not in
the constitution.  Its not in the bill of rights.  Its not a right.  It’s a
privelige.  Just like your Mercedes or my Porsche.  We work hard, earn
money, pay our bills, save some of our earnings, and have money set aside
for bad events, investments, our children's education, and toys.  We pay
money into a system that spreads the load for big items like bridges and
roads and F-18s and aircraft carriers.  That money also pays for the
healthcare of a failed welfare system that encourages people not to work and
to have children out of wedlock.

You state "right of each citizen in this country to be cared for - including
those here illegally".  I disagree with your basic tenet that healthcare is
every cizens right, but even if I agreed with that, your argument is flawed.
"Those here illegally" are not citizens.  They are criminals.  Yep, you got
it.  Criminals.  We have a law against entering this country without
permission in the form of a VISA.  If you break that law, you are a
criminal.  You have no rights other than to be put in jail, or on a bus to
the nearest border.  What you are saying, in effect, is "raise my taxes and
encourage more people from other countries to come here and suck off our
systems of entitlement."

To Chris and Dennis, we have incredible healcare in the United States
because it is profitable.  Insurance companies, doctors, drug companies,
medical equipment companies, etc. are here and healthy because they make
lots of money.  They are able to make lots of money because of the
productivity of the American people.  Allowing millions of illegal aliens
into the country to take advantage of our healthcare at our expense will
reduce the quality of that healthcare.

I'm done.  My nomex suit is on.  Flame away.

Donald R. Bryant, PE (who hates paying for health insurance but would rather
pay that than more to the govenrment. 108 days of the year went to paying
the government!)
518 Bushnell Drive
Virginia Beach, VA  23451
fax 757-428-6473

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