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RE: Thank You for your kind thoughts

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Welcome back!!
I wish you best of health and fast return to your routines.
Regards all.
Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, MASCE
Senior Structural Engineer
Saudi Oger Ltd
P.O. Box: 1449
Saudi Arabia
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Subject: Thank You for your kind thoughts

I am not fully back to the list, but could not help taking the time to write to everyone of you and thank you all for your kind words, e-mail, cards and flowers during my recovery from surgery. Your thoughts and kindness has brought me great joy and confirmed my belief that we truly are one family of professionals and friends.

This was a difficult time - mostly for my wife who is a nurse and care giver. They say that everything comes in threes and difficult times are no exception. If it had not happened to me, I don't think I would believe that this could occur in one family. When I came home from surgery and a bout of Pneumonia, my granddaughter who lives with us took ill with a similar abscesss - although located on the back of her neck (which confirms what I always thought that she was a pain ;-) ). My wife rushed her to the hospital where she had surgery in the ER only to find after visiting her Pediatrician the next day that the Physician's Assistant who did the surgery had not done it correctly. He Pediatrician had her admitted to the local hospital where Mari works and Lauren spent the next four days in the hospital recovering from additional surgery on two abscesses.

To make matters worse, Mari had not been feeling well and thought that she was simply over-stressed with Lauren and my problems. A CT Scan disclosed that Mari is passing a Kidney Stone - making each of us a pain to each other.

Fortunately, Mari's stone is all that is left to pass as Lauren and I are on the mend. Lauren too is home from school as she needs wound care twice a day and Mari has decided to take care of both of us to reduce the cost of having Visiting Nurses Association come out twice a day (which they generally don't do) at an additional cost to us. Mari is an excellent nurse and now Lauren and I are attempting to do what we can to help her although I can tell you that Nurses make the worse patients.

With this said, again, I wish to thank you all for your kindness, your personal e-mails and written thoughts and the flower arrangements that I have received. I expect to be back in the pink in about two weeks although healing may take a bit longer depending on follow-up visits with the surgeon (today is the first since surgery).

My best to all of you and remember, I am now lurking in digest mode 8-) .

Be well and think about the importance of health care for all of us. Lauren is only 16-years old and few families consider the vulnerability of our children until something serious occurs. Fortunately, Lauren did not have anything serious - but without insurance, we would be at the mercy of society. Remember that it does not take much to place us in peril of losing everything we own to pay for a catastrophic event. Health care is not a privilege in this country - it is the right of each citizen in this country to be cared for - including those here illegally..

Best regards,

Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant


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