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Thank You for your kind thoughts

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I agree with health care discussion.  It is something that many
overlook, until it is perhaps too late.

While I have been through a severe illness in my life, I realized that
the best medicine is preventative medicine.  Long-term preventative

It is good to practice daily health observations.  And to know what is
right to prevent problems from building.

Through my own illness, I researched extensively into world health. 
>From western medicine, to pagan, to Chinese, to Ayurvedic, to
Shamanism, to energy, to holistic, to midwifery, to naturopathy ... 
There are many forms of medicine.  It is apparent to me, that western
medicine really does not focus on prevention.  In fact, when you get
into the american mainstream system, it gets much worse, for the US
mainstream system is the most powerful system, yet it does not display
a proper role model.

See, for instance in childbirth, the most vital time of our growth. 
In this stage, we are just developing in cellular form, we are very
easy to damage.  Yes, we are in our mother's wombs, but these days,
doctors readily invade the mother's wombs.

The US is only 27th in the world for healthy births, behind countries
that include even Cuba.  Yes, there are probably more babies surviving
due to many modern procedures to sustain babies that are very very
premature, but on the other hand, doctors have one of the highest
Cesarean rates in the world in this country.  And many women are
drugged to help with labor.

So, in fact, while babies survive, their vital growth is being stunted
greatly by such early intervention use of drugs.  See, modern medicine
is not really something that is healthy.  It may alleviate symptoms,
but in the long run, it is probably more damaging to the system, for
one, because it is a foreign substance, and for two, it stops people
from using preventative measures.

See this website.  Interesting calculation based on lives of
centenarians and modern research.

One of the main things in life to being healthy, is realizing that if
we want to live a long time, the best way to get there, is to work at
it, and to make it apart of our everday lives.  To see ourselves
there, and how we can get there.  Much like any goals we can set in
life.  But this one just sees that life doesn't have to be so hurried,
and then we will indeed get to all of our goals.

It is healthy to have these discussions on SEAINT, because where else
are engineers who fill their whole days with work, going to get
information to keep them alive, and producing more work !

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