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RE: Adobe 7 PDF Printing

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If it prints 12, 8.5 x 11 pages then it is tiling the pages… make sure tiling is not selected.


I also am not sure which engineering program you are using? But I have noticed that Microstation has a hard time printing 24 x 36 to PDF.


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Hopefully there is someone who can give me some technical information regarding printing with Adobe.


I am trying to print a 24x36 sheet of a stress contour from an engineering program.  I setup my printer in the program and did a preview.  Everything looks fine on a 24x36 sheet.  I plot the sheet using distiller and it breaks it into 12 - 8.5x11 sheets.


I went into my printer dialog and changed the default sheet of distiller to 24x36.  I’ve been through the “advanced” tab, etc. and changed the default sheet to 24x36 and still it prints on 8.5x11.


Can anyone give me some insight into getting a large sheet output?


Rich Lewis

Lewis Engineering