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Re: Thank ou for your kind thoughts - to Gary Hodgson

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Gary wrote:
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Subject: RE: Thank You for your kind thoughts 

I have to agree with your statement that people who
cross the border to use the health system should be
put in jail.  That should include all the Americans
who can't afford insurance and come to Canada and use
forged health care cards or forged identity cards to
try to get some health care which they probably can't
get in the USA.
So what do you expect - stick them in a cell and forget them? Who pays for the cost to maintain that prisoner, guards, food, clothing and the healthcare that is provided to prisoners and the reason these illegals came into the country in the first place? What you suggest or approve ends up costing us the taxpayer as much or more to maintain the prisoner and now you must add the cost of due process to this. It goes to the courts who decide on the immigration status of the prisoner and with a decent lawyer, the cost increases far more than had we let them come over the border and take care of them in our hospitals.

I live 90 minutes from the Mexican border, my wife works in Labor and Delivery and the statistics of her hospital which caters to mostly Hispanics is that the abuse is caused by much less than 10% of those representing illgals. The majortiy are citizens who are poor and others who seek medical care who are criminals, drug abuses, alchoholics who complicate the birth and lives of these babies and who are legal citizens in this country. Social services removes the children from the family to place them in Foster care that is often worse that the family they came from.

When are you guys going to open your eyes. Take a look at a dead baby - there are at least two or three a week and these children are dressed and presented to the parents with a small box of their birth belongings so that there is closure. However, what is not discussed is that most of these children died because of the abuses of their parents. My wife told me a story of a security guard who offered to take a child to the morgue. The baby was clothed and wrapped as if it were alive. The guard was well over six feet and he picked up that child, cradled it in his arms and walked the child through the corridors while there was not a dry eye in any of the nursing staff.

Parents bring children into this world and we pay for it - but don't assume that the majority are illgegals, they are not. The majority who take from welfare want children so they can collect and not work. They don't want to change their lifestyles and they often lose their children only to "earn" them back after they stayed sober or clean for some months.

My gosh, when my wife brings home these stories it tears us apart as most people simply don't want to think about what happens to the childe after birth. A crack child suffers terribly for weeks before the addiction passed from the mother to the child has reduced the withdrawl cravings. Parents pass on diseseas to their children including AIDS and then who do you think takes care of the Bill?

I am sorry to rant, but the fact is that these arguments assume that life is simple and black and white - it is not and while we protect the fetus, we give little thought to that human being after they enter our world and take their first breath. I suggest nothing from this, other than you consider the reaity of the problems that exist in bringing a baby into this world. You're insulated from it and unless you have a family member involved in this care, you will never see how complicated and heart wrenching life is in  Post Partum and your simplistic narrow opiions suddenly take on a new depth - a dept that includes how we deal with our new citizens who are born with problems to parents who are legal and who sap our welfare system.

Sorry, I did not mean to make this so personal - but my wife addresses these issues and at times she and I cry about the loss because few others will. The security guard that so gently cradeled and took the baby to the morgue is no longer working there. He could not take the loss of a baby and the grief of those who need to create a scene for the parents to find closure. If I did not mention it before, the box of birth effects includes the baby's foot prints, birth and death certificate and a picture of the baby dressed before it is presented to his or her parents or simply brought to the morgue.


Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant


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