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RE: Thank ou for your kind thoughts - to Gary Hodgson

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Anything's possible. But very few people in our society worry about
being "branded" in any way, if they want to advocate. I personally don't
think that such people are "socialists" or whatever. I just think they
are not equipped with the facts--or they are demagogues preying on
others who don't understand reality.

No one gets out of here alive. There is no perfect system. Even
"Democracy is the worst form of government, excepting all other others,"
(attibuted to W. Churchill). In my opinion, freedom is typically better
than security, when there must be a choice between one or the other. I'm
told that Singapore is a marvel to behold for its cleanliness and
order--as befits a society where one can be severely punished for
chewing gum in public.

Nothing is free; someone must pay the tab. Ultimately, those payments
come from PRODUCTION. When one demands more and more "free" services
expecting others to pay the tab, "Atlas shrugs." 

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Is'nt it probable that only a few of the "miserables"
are voicing their opinions and the rest of them are
keeping quiet to avoid being branded as socialists and

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