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Re: Additional Memory

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I am evaluating standard 2006 right now (WinXP Pro / SP2), and I've had to turn off most of the command-line-at-the-cursor options in order to get my machine to run at speeds I'm used to under 2002. This is no slouch of a machine, either - it's a Mobile P4 1.86GHz based Dell Precision M70 with 2GB of 533MHz DDR2 ram and a 256MB nVidia 1300 video card. Turning on the cursor info with transparency will hog 65-85% of processor time just by moving the cursor around a blank screen. It easily pegs the processor if there are drawing elements and osnap is on. I'm not sure why 2 billion cycles are necessary for every second of mouse movement; apparently AutoCAD is a decade or so behind the processor-efficient techniques used in the FPS games kids play.

Just booting up, with minimal protections (no 3rd party firewalls, just AVG) and outlook, thunderbird (email, not wine), and the embedded h/w drivers puts me up at ~380MB of used memory. 60MB of that is AutoCAD with nothing loaded. If I open a drawing - a simple 2D architectural floor plan of a 6000SF single story school building that's about 750k on disk, AutoCAD jumps to 110MB in usage. Opening up my 4 sheet set for the same project bumps it to 130MB. I'm at 460MB before I start doing any actual drafting on my plans. For you, that would mean being close to swap-city on every application change (I have my swapfile disabled). I haven't encountered any issues with plotting or other functions not working, however (if you discount my docking station hot-plug issues).

On the topic of USB keys and hardware dongles...I loathe them. I can barely keep track if the memory for my camera I use every week, much less a key for apps I use maybe once a month. I was disappointed to find out that RAM Advanse had added a key, though relieved they offered USB, as my M70 does not have a parallel port (there is on on the docking station). In my experience, the drivers for these keys (Rainbow) have often caused problems with machines I've used. That appears to be the case here as well - the resident program locks a port on the machine so that even when I'm not using the key, I cannot hot-undock my M70 from it's docking station. I should state, in full disclosure, that I'm not 100% certain that it is the Rainbow key (I know RAM folks lurk here). However, the issue did not exist until after I installed the Rainbow drivers. There is one other app (printer driver port redirect to an IP port) which was installed about the same time, but I have not uninstalled it to determine whether it might the problem. Since both use a similar port which has been "locked" by the system, it could be either one...but I've never had issues with a printserver like this from the client end. I would prefer the SBeam model of control - just burn the licensed company name on the disc, and have it printout with the output.

Good to here that you're back online, Dennis.

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