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Additional Memory

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Dennis S. Wish writes:

"Here is a question that should not promote arguments  :-) . I've been 
having problems with the latest version of Autocad ADT 2006 that I 
received and  installed last week. It appears that the program is a 
memory hog, but I don't know for sure if others are having the same 

...I'd like to hear from anyone who can offer additional suggestions
had worked for them and I may be missing here."

My suggestion would be vellum and pencil.

For what it's worth, I am impressed with your depth of knowledge
regarding keeping your computer running so you can draw on it.  Having
worked for mid-sized firms my whole career, I've gotten used to people
with bad haircuts taking care of my computer problems for me.

But, geez, you listed 14 software packages and 6 or 7 pieces of hardware
(OK, I like to count) that are essential for you to just get the thing
to work.  That kind of complexity would put me right over the edge.  I
suppose we could drink a toast to what Bill Gates et al have given us,
but do we really need all that crap?  How much time, money, and thought
do you have invested in these labor-saving devices?

If any of us were suddenly stripped of our computers, I would hope we
could still call ourselves engineers and function as such.  The day they
took away my big (and much beloved) HP-48 and made me take the SE2 with
basically a 5 function calculator was the day I realized I probably
didn't need most of it.  Although I was plenty upset at the time.

Just a thought.  Now, I'll go back to painting pictures on the wall of
my cave.

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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