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Wood Metal Plate Truss Repair

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Hi Folks:
Have any of you wood truss structural experts used a wood  truss repair company in southern California that you could recommend?  I have a residence with wood 2x trusses at 2' on center spanning from front to rear walls about 50'.  The roof was damaged by falling trees that punched through the roof sheathing and split top and bottom chords and likely twisted or loosened the metal truss connectors in some places.  The house was built circa 1974 and the original truss company is unknown.
I believe the chords and web members can be repaired by sistering new
2x matching members on both sides and fastening with Simpson SDS 1/4" screws staggered to transfer and develop the axial and bending strength of the chords but I believe the damaged metal truss plates need a truss engineer's in put for a fix.  I am hoping for a truss company that does it all.  The roofing is composition shingles and the ceilings are plaster or dry wall.
I guess the bottom line is, replace the trusses if this isn't feasible.
Thanks in advance for any info y'all might have.
Ray Shreenan SE