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Out of the Debate Loop

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I've just been able to receive my e-mail of the SEAINT Disgests since my
main laptop went down on Thursday night. This was quite an experience as
along with the numerous experiences I've been through lately, I have had
at least four other minor crisis that have prevented me from completing
a project for a client who could care less if I was ill. Her response to
all of this was "Had I known you would be ill, I would have made other
arrangements for engineering!."  Had I met her instead of being hired by
the Architect, I would not have taken the job, but the fact is that I am
ready to submit the drawings and they remain locked up on my hard drive
that I pulled from my laptop when my video card burned out.
I finally met the owner by phone and tried to make amends - after all,
if I was in her shoes I wouldn't believe these excuses either - but
Murphy's law was determined to prove to all of us that he was still
alive and well.
At 3:00AM Friday Morning I was on the phone with Dell Tech Support.
Fortunately, I purchased the computer through an Employee Purchase plan
at the Hospital where my wife works and paid for an additional 3-year on
site extended warrantee. I was ready to send it back on Friday when I
was told that I had on-site repair and that the service tech would
contact me on Friday. I then went to the website of all the local
retailers in the area looking for a hard drive enclosure that would
allow me to download and access the data on the drive if the service
tech could not do the repair on Friday.
I was in no mood for the conversation I had with the owner, but I felt
it was my responsiblity to speak with her one on one even if I was hired
by the contractor through the Architect. It was a mistake or so I
thought. I have her the choices - I'm one day away from transfering the
finished PLT files to our local Blue Printer. I told her what Dell told
me - I had to wait at the home/office until Dell Called, but I luck had
turned (I thought) and the local PC Club was the only place that had a
2.5" USB/Firewire Drive enclosure that I could use to move the data to
my office tower machine. The owner called me back (she is in northern
California) and offered to have the contractor pick up the part and
deliver it to me - and I had it in about two hours.

What I didn't figure on is that it requires USB2.0 or Firewire to read
the drive and my office machine only has USB1.1 ports. I've just spent
three days $300.00 to upgrade the office machine (including more memory,
a repair of a frozen fan, an in-home fix of the large and heavy heat
sink on the Pentium 4 chip, and a New USB2.0 / Firewife Port. Did I
mention I also had to reinstall Windows XP Home.

Now it is Sunday and I still can not read the drive - yet I am closer as
my tower is not shutting down, my wireless keyboard and mouse work and I
am back on the Internet to read some back mail of the debates I've
started. These I will get into once I reinstall all of the software that
was on the Laptop to my Office Tower including Autocad, Office XP, Zone
Alarm and a dozen or so other programs (including TEDDS since it died in
the Laptop). I guess I"ve had about ten hours of sleep (total) in the
last four nights and feel as though I am running in slow motion.

The trick seems to be now that I upgraded Windows XP to Service pack 2
and I need to tweak out the new USB ports to be recognized as 2.0 ports.
To be safe, I anticipated that the enclosure for the drive had failed
and when my wife was in Palm Desert, she picked up another enclosure by
a different manufacturer. Murphy won this one as my wife got home after
the store closed and the salesman who know my problem for the last few
days sold her the wrong enclosure (a 3.5" rather than a 2.5")

So, bear with me if my replies (when I finally get this job out of my
office) seem untimely, but I have read enough to wonder what most of you
neo-cons are thinking about with regards to healthcare. One thing that
really got me going was a comment by Arvel who asked what government run
program has worked? If he is actually right, then shouldn't we be
questioning all of the current political governement programs that this
administration is spending Trillions one to lead our country in the
direction they want - these are entitlements and programs that hire more
people in governement than ever before in history. Case in point -
Homeland Securty, NAFTA and our Border Patrols - all of which are
government programs that are not working and have been a waste of money.

Get to flaming because "I will be back" as Dell ordered the part and may
have the laptop repaired before I can retrieve the data from the drive
to my tower office machine.


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