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msc thesis

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Dear Hamidreza Arabshahi

good luck in your university studies.

it is not really necessary that you decide about your 
thesis topic at this point.  It is important to get to know
the professors at the universities you will be studying,
and then find out their interests.  See, most thesis are
part of ongoing research in which professors are involved.
So depending on the location, you may find yourself
studying completely different topics.  For instance,
I did my undergrad at UCSD, and over there, with one 
of the biggest shake laboratories in the world, you most
definitely could get involved in that kind of research,
high bridge bents, 5 story buildings, even helicopter
wings, and new composite advances in the industry.

I eventually did my masters at UNM, and New Mexico
is highly funded by AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) 
and Los Alamos, so then it is possible to be involved with
impact studies, and composite space materials.

And my father was at Michigan, and there, there were 
many people doing computer studies, see it is very 
cold in Michigan, so people are indoors more often.

So, depending on the location, you will find different 
areas of focus for engineers.  So target what you
would like to learn, by the overall focus and funding 
of the university to which you will be attending.

Refugio Rochin, PE, MS.

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