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RE: Radiant tubing in elevated slab

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There is a contactor here that uses a product called "Lite-Deck" which is a styrofoam form (reinforced with 2 light gage channels).  The profile is a monolithic ribbed flooring system that is both insulated on the bottom face and can be reinforced for extra strength.  To top this off, he used the radiant floor heating tubes intertwined in the top steel mat.  I've seen these used in residential work for both floor slabs and garage slabs.  It works pretty slick.  I believe the ribs are at 24 inches on centers.  I've actually designed one of these types of floors for a structural garage floor slab, however, it has been a couple two-tree years since.  It is possible, though, and I believe you get a rather economic floor.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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Subject: Radiant tubing in elevated slab

I am doing a residential project with an elevated garage floor with radiant heating tubes.  The slab will be supported on (composite?) steel decking.  I have some concerns:  compromising the integrity of the slab, installing negative moment reinforcing (if needed).


I know radiant tubing is often put in slabs-on-grade but I can’t find anything for elevated slabs.




Joe Fix