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RE: Medical Services was - Thank ou for your kind thoughts - to Gary Hodgson

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Why the sudden change to a personal level attack?  Someone get sand from the sandbox in your underwear?
Perhaps you should actually look up the definition of functionally illiterate. Here's the one I'm used to seeing
A functionally illiterate adult is unable to fill out an employment application, follow written instructions, or read a newspaper. In short, when confronted with printed materials, adults without basic literacy skills cannot function effectively.
I thought we were having a discussion on current political trends in public education based on the original premise that the government could provide services more effectively and efficiently, especially medical services, than the private sector.  Additionally, that such services were the right, not privilege, of everyone in the US.  In shore socialist medicine.  My point is that socialism has been tried numerous times in history and always found unsuccessful. 
As this applies to engineering, I assume that you do work as a private entity for public agencies?  Want to lose your practice and just work for the Government as an engineer because that is how Engineering will be done for the public good, since it is everyone's right to have access to engineering?
Think about it.
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Don't get me wrong,  25 year ago, most Public school system were ran at a
local level with real text books and real teachers and without the 3-5
levels of bureaucrats.
Did the public schools also teach such interesting grammatical usage as "were ran"?
And does this whole discussion have anything to do with engineering, other than to point out that a lot of people on an engineering list server seem to be functionally illiterate?
Gail Kelley