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Re: Single or Double angle bending member

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If the angles are attached at the toes, it would seem that you would have a channel section in weak-axis bending.  If not, I'm afraid they would be two single angles.  However, if they are attached periodically to the masonry, the local buckling issues would be minimized and I don't think torsional buckling would be a problem.
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Single or Double angle bending member

If you have two angles toe to toe with the vertical legs in compression would this be considered a double angle bending member or 2-single angle bending members?  We are cutting a new opening in a masonry wall and want to use double angles at the head of the opening.  Considering the design process for single angle members, it would sure be nice if this is considered a double angle bending member.
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