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more taxes

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For those of you that are in California, this was just
sent to me by my accountant.  Note that this bill
includes engineers. I sure hope that this does not

April 22, 2005
In this issue: 

CalCPA Action Alert
Immediate Action Requested 

5% Sales Tax on Accounting Services 

AB 9 (Coto) was amended Monday to require that sales
taxes be collected for accounting, legal, engineering,
consulting and other professional services. 

Revenues would be used to fund increases in education.
CalCPA and others are opposing this new tax for a
number of reasons including: 

Negative impacts on small businesses that cannot
afford to hire employees to provide these services; 
Increased costs to consumers for tax preparation
Additional administrative burdens for small businesses
that will have to collect these taxes; and 
Increased costs to state government for administering
this new tax. 
The bill would encourage use of out-of-state
professionals who would not be required to collect the
sales tax. 

AB 9 will be heard by the Assembly Revenue and
Taxation Committee on Monday, April 25. 

Please immediately write, call and fax the members of
the Revenue and Taxation Committee as well as your own
Assembly Member. 

Letters in your own words are essential. 

For a list of the Assembly Revenue and Taxation

For a list of the full Assembly.

For the full text of AB 9.

Please copy us on your correspondence,

Thank you for your support. 


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