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RE: 70%-30% Bracing Load Distribution

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What it means is that your cross bracing has to have sufficient compressive capacity so that at least 30% of the load is resisted in compression. This is meant to pretty much rule out rod (tension only)  bracing, although I believe there are some exceptions. If you are getting 50-50 distribution of the loads in your tension and compression members and they can handle it, then you are fine.
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Subject: 70%-30% Bracing Load Distribution

In AISC Seismic-02, 13.2c, up to 70% of the lateral seismic force could be resisted by tension braces.
Does this mean that if I have an X-Bracing I could assign one brace to resist 70% (tension) and the other brace to resist 30% (compression)? I will not get the 70-30 distribution by using Staad which will
have 50-50 distribution assuming the brace members are the same.
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