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Does this have to do with engineering? - reply to Gail Kelley

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Gail Kelley asked:

And does this whole discussion have anything to do with engineering, other than to point out that a lot of people on an engineering list server seem to be functionally illiterate?

Gail Kelley

While I agree that these issues seem off topic, the fact is that many of us are in private practice and the engineering business is more than technical questions. Some of us are sole-providers for our families and as such are faced with the problems of obtaining affordable healthcare, decent education, social security issues and even topics such as bankruptsy. If this is simply a tech support for engineers then you have a valid argument, however, many of us consider engineering our business as well as our science. As such - I believe this is an opportune place to discuss the issues.

As I've been reminded many times - we do have either the scroll down or up key for those on digest or the delete key for those who are receiving posts.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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