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OT: Good vs. Evil

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] It's been bothering me lately to see so many posts by professionals who are polarized to one extreme or the other. While I've had a long post planted let me put it in simple terms:

   * Liberals are not socialist, communists and without strong faith or
     moral value. This is simply a lie spread by those who can't stand
     the idea of believers who are concerned with the civil rights of
     Americans and who wish to provide protection against this abuse.
   * I have a number of friends who are first generation citizens from
     communistic societies and they are naturally conservative. They
     fear the potential abuse of the left and because of this they
     migrate as far away from the left as possible. While they may not
     be happy with the current events, they feel that the basic
     ideology of the conservative will protect them.
   * Those of us who are voicing opinions on health care, social
     security,  outsourcing and more are accused of being liberal and
     potential communists. The truth is that there is no position to
     the far right or the far left that will work - the same as
     socialism or communism based on the frailties of human pettiness
     prevents any political ideology work. What this means is that a
     government run program is just as likely to fail as a publicly
     owned (private industry) corporation. The support for Globalism
     and NAFTA or outsourcing spans both sides of the aisle and became
     evident to the surprise of Democrats during the Clinton
     administration. What concerns me is the growing number of
     conservatives who are now understanding that an unbalanced system
     of profiteering does not work and have returned to the ideology of
   * Finally, there are still those who hate - they hate anyone who
     disagrees with their opinions, they spout the words of past
     patriots out of context and fail to prove how their ideology is
     successful in todays world. Someone  asked to name one government
     program that has worked and there are many. However, I can also
     name a number of programs that government was involved with that
     has taken advantage of the private sector such as Worldcom, Enron,
     Lawsuits against health care providers who are billing medical and
     insurance companies for twice what a patient with insurance pays
     in order to compensate for their loss (Tenet is one health care
     provide who has defaulted and agreed to reimburse those who were
     charged for emergency room services who did not have insurance in
     the late 90's and early 2000's). There are many examples of how
     the private sector is taken advantage of and pays the price for
     these abuses.
   * The answer lies in the middle - a mixture of private enterprise
     and government checks and balances. The same should be true of
     government - we allow bills to be submitted that contain
     compromises for one party or the other that has little or nothing
     to due with the bill and then when the representative or senator
     of one party votes against the bill, the spin is to blame the
     politician for his vote - a no win situation. This happened when
     Kerry was accused of voting against money for Iraq when he found
     that the bill contained a compromise for the communications
     industry that would give exclusive rights to develop a wireless
     standard in the middle east (which could not actually compete with
     an existing standard already in place in Saudi Arabia). The point
     is that we live in a society that is much more complicated than
     some of our more outspoken conservatives, liberals, faith-based
     and anti-immigration writers post to this site. However without
     each persons constitutional right to free speech being enacted, a
     proper solution will never be found.

I may be of the liberal mindset, but I would hope that I am open minded enough to recognize a good idea and not be bound by partisan pressure. As an American, I am free to believe and practice what I believe to be appropriate for the issue at hand. I am a protectionist but only until the field and competition is reasonable. Nobody in this world deserves to take or expect us to voluntarily give up our jobs to those in other countries and not be compensated for the debt we have a responsibility to repay - we become deadbeats to those who baited use and placed us in this position. If you don't believe it, count the number of pre-approved loan offers you have each day. I've learned years ago to live with what I have until it dies - this way I won't become an endured slave to my society - but our youth has much to learn and they will learn it like many of us have - the hard way. Few of us have the family ability to pull our children out debt and the new laws make sure our children are harnessed with the stress and worry of repaying debts that have been paid many times over in uncontrolled interest rates but needed to satisfy the corporate investors profits.

Apathy is lethal - a phrase used many times in the last few years. I urge each of you to use your constitutional freedom of speech and voice your opinions - no matter what you have to say, you have a right to speak your mind and nobody can violate your right. If they do, I want to be the first to know and I'll make an issue of it.

That's my promise to you.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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