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Beam Shear & Punching Shear

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Dear members,

I need your help! I couldn’t find that information in ACI, AASHTO or AWWA.

We all check beam shear at 'd' distance and punching shear at 'd/2'
distance from face of support (pedestal or column). I have a footing with
sloping top. The 'd' values are changing. We know that shear failure is a
concrete diagonal-tension failure. The failure path will start at the
bottom of the footing and extend to the top of the footing at the face of
support. If that is true, then the footing with constant depth or with
sloping top shouldn’t make any different. The failure path will stay the
same. Could I use the larger 'd' at the face of the support instead of the
smaller 'd' at the locations of the critical sections for shear strength

Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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