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RE: OT: Good vs. Evil

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Sorry, but this is just more rhetoric.

There are ALWAYS 'extremists' on every question. When they get the power to actually implement what they want to achieve, that's one thing, but they rarely do. "Fringe groups" aren't called "fringe" for nothing.
It doesn't bother me one iota if someone is a socialist, communist, what-have-you. They simply cannot expect for the majority to agree with them very much. Same goes with those "extremists" on the right--whoever they are.
Frankly, much of what the Leftist MSM brands as "extreme right-wing" now was considered simply "mainstream America" just a couple of decades ago. For example, Teddy Kennedy thinks that Janice Rogers Brown is a "religious extremist" because she publicly declares her Christian faith. But in 1952, Justice William O. Douglas stated: "We are a religious people and our institutions presuppose a Supreme Being."
Today, Ted Kennedy would call for Douglas' impeachment.
"Extreme" all depends upon where you sit.

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The extremists ends of the circle is off the edge of a cliff and, the more people that are lured from the middle out to the end, the more we are in peril of falling into an abyss.

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