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Stan - Re: AVG

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I do apologize for my spelling errors - the cat is out of the bag as I almost always use a spelling checker before sending e-mail. However, having to reinstall all of my software onto another machine, I was not able to get the spelling checker installed on time. Besides, as I ocne sohewd, it dsoens't mtaetr how the wrdos are slepled as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltetrs are crrocet :-)

For what it is worth, I don't use AVG any longer and am sorry I don't since it is not compatible with Mozilla's Thunderbird since it isn't a matter of what you pay for - most magazines rate AVG as one of, if not the best of the Virus Protection programs free or not. They have changed their policy and while they offer a free version, they push very hard for you to purchase their full version now. Still, I believe your original report about AVG was correct - they are a tremendously accurate and good piece of software.

I've had many virus protections fail - including Norton's and McAfee. I paid good money for these but they did not catch a new virus and there was always a new kid on the block to take credit for doing what nobody else could. Lately, Zone Alarm's Security Suite works well for me and encapsulates viruses very well (sorry about the spelling but the checker is still not trained or working).

So don't sell AVG short. The only difference between their free version and their full paid version is their policy on business use - essentially the virus engine is the same on both although the free version does not allow the user as much freedom to make modifications to the software use as the paid for version.


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