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Re: Moisture Content

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On 27 Apr 2005, at 12:24, ken kirkland wrote:

> Does it make any differ if the lumber will be milled after it is dried or can the material be milled
> green and then dried? TIA
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It seems that most lumber is milled green and then run through the kiln
to dry it.  There are only a few situations where the wood might be milled
after drying in log form, usually hardwoods that will be used for custom

Since time and money are so closely related (time=money) the
mills will want to process materials a quickly as possible.  The
mills that I was around in N. California all seemed to have their kilns
running full time.

George Nakashima liked to let the wood come to equilibrium 
moisture content after being cut down before he would begin
the milling and working process.  But he's coming from a woodworker's

Take care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.

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