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RE: PENNSYLVANIA BUILDING CODE - Historic Live Load Specification

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Title: PENNSYLVANIA BUILDING CODE - Historic Live Load Specification
IIRC, prior to sometime around 2000, I don't believe the state of Pennsylvania had and official building code; certain localities had codes however, such as Philadelphia.  Prior to adopting the 2000 IBC as the building subcode for the official city code, the 1996 NBC was the city building subcode.
I have used various versions of the NBC in much of my past work, much of which has been in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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Subject: RE: PENNSYLVANIA BUILDING CODE - Historic Live Load Specification

Well, I have at least partially answered my own question.
On ANOTHER LIST where I got a faster response (ahem), someone pointed out that the BOCA (NBC) code from 1967 or thereabouts called out exactly the same criteria for Live Load on "storage warehouses" as we have today: A low of 125 psf and a high of 250 psf.
BOCA/NBC has typically been used in the Midwest. Might NBC have been the code in effect in PA during that time?

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Subject: PENNSYLVANIA BUILDING CODE - Historic Live Load Specification

I'm looking at a problem structure in Pennsylvania (Lancaster CO, to be more precise). Floor framing consists of p/s beams that have almost certainly seen a live load in excess of that for which they were designed. The current Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (IBC 2003) is pretty clear on what the minium design LL ought to be, but I'm wondering how that compares with what was in force (if any) when the structure was designed.

Does anyone possess any information on the Pennsylvania building code in effect during the early to late 1960s?


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