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RE: Steel Beam Design Program

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Try the following link. Daniel Li has developed a range of design utilities that are useful.
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Rich Lewis wrote:

I am looking for recommendations for steel beam design software, both composite and non-composite.  I want a stand-alone program, not just part of a full package.  Please tell me about good programs and what makes them good.





I also use RAM SBeam.  The newest version allows defining openings in the web as well as the standard beams. You can choose Composite, NC braced, and NC unbraced, plus you can define any brace points (or continuous with "skips").  It will do W, C, MC, and Rect. HSS sections.  It is easy to use (30 minutes learning curve, I'd guess), and produces quick output.  My beef is that it won't do multiple spans, just SS with 0, 1, or 2 cantilevers, and it won't do anything smaller than W8x10.  I don't worry too much about fixed end conditions, because they're usually involved in frames, and for that I use RAM Advanse. It's around $400 or $450 and comes with a 180day money back guarantee, and it's so easy to learn how to use I would recommend getting a copy and trying it out to see if it does everything you need. 6 months should give you long enough to try it out on several jobs before you're "stuck" with it..

No disclaimer necessary...just a happy user.

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