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BUILDING CODES: International Existing Building Code

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Title: BUILDING CODES: International Existing Building Code

Has anyone got a copy of this?

How many pages?

What does it cover, in the main?

Anything about repair of buildings after "failure"?


I ordered this back at the beginning of the month along with a bunch of other ICC stuff. Then I got busy with other stuff and sorta forgot about it. Earlier this week, it dawned on me that I needed to access the IEBC for a job I'm working, but LO! I had it not!

I couldn't even remember when I'd ordered it, or where I'd had it shipped, etc. I finally found the charge on one of my CC statements, and called ICC to find out where the order was.

The lady was perplexed at my question because their computer record showed I'd received it two weeks ago! We finally figured out that it had been sent FedEx. The tracking record showed that it was "delivered" at my temporary apartment address here in Arkansas. But I had never gotten it.

Turns out the driver (apparently, since the investigation is still ongoing) delivered it to the wrong address, and has to go try to retrieve it. So I still don't have it, and won't it until tomorrow afternoon at the very earliest! BUT I NEED IT!

The ICC people are unsympathetic and won't allow me to DL it from their site (even if I "promise" to destroy the PDF after I get the book).

So I need to ask some ????s of anyone who might have a copy


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