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RE: 2D / 3D Frame Analysis - Affordable

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I have to give kudos to Visual Analysis. The thing that really sold me
on it, believe it or not, was that "thirty day demo" thing. It really is
fully functional; there is nothing you're "locked out" of. I used it on
a couple of jobs, learned how to use it, and then it made sense to just
go with it instead of the other product I was considering.

In the case of that other product, I couldn't get them to do more than
"unlock" about thirty members or so for me. It was too hamstrung for me
to make an evaluation. I guess I was "sold" by the greater interest that
IES seemed to have on getting me enthusiastic about their product.

I admire good marketing and I CRAVE good customer support (in every
aspect of life; AIRLINES TAKE NOTE!) IES gave me both. 

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I have used both RAM Advanse and Visuual Analysis.  Both are very good.
Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  Visual Analysis has a 30 day
fully operational demo.  RAM Advanse has a student version with limited
model size.  If you have time, I suggest looking at both.

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