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Re: CMU Walls on Sloping Foundation

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It doesn't seem like a great idea.  You could cut the lowest couple layers of block (custom cut every block in those layers) so that they could work on the slope with the other three sides of each block aligned normally, then you could stack the rest of the wall flat on top, and then find some way of holding them in place so they don't slide until you grout and activate the reinforcement.  Of course, you would develop an undesirable sliding shear force along the weak plane at the wall/foundation interface, which would need to be resolved in some fashion, probably with plenty of steel.  Seems like it would be easier to step the footing, which I would expect you would want to do anyway for the sliding/bearing issues on the footing's underside if it is that steep.  If there was no other way, generous applications of time and money might resolve it.  Definitely one of those issues to discuss with the contractor, if there is one choosen for the work, to see if they happen to have some insight or expertise that may be relevant.  Occassionally a less obvious solution turns out to be the best one if you have a contractor that is good at it and so prices it competitively with the more obvious choices.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> "Michael Bryson" <mbryson(--nospam--at)> 04/28/05 08:04PM >>>

Does anyone have an opinion on whether it is impractical to lay CMU
block directly on a sloping grade beam? 


Sure it is difficult but is it too impractical? What if the slope was
steep i.e. approaching 30 or 40 degrees?



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