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RE: PT Construction

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As Paul Feather said, stressing is normally done 3 - 5 days after the pour, so it was likely done before there was much if any formwork on top of it anyway.  After a tendons is stressed, it doesn't look much different that it did before it was stressed.  The tail sticks out a little futher on the stressing end, but all the stress is between the anchors, so the tail still droops out from the anchor in much the same manner as it did before stressing.  You could say that most of the tail doesn't really "know" that the cable is stressed.  It doesn't take too long to stress, either, and a single tendon ram isn't very large, so you could easily miss the stressing crew if you weren't watching for them.  I don't think that I can recall ever seeing stressing crews at work, which is odd for someone who has done as much PT as I have, and who has worked across the street for a big PT project at least once.  Next time they pour, take a look a few times a day in the 3 - 5 day window and perhaps you will see a couple of people slowly working their way around the perimeter of the pour, crouching down to work along the slab edge.  

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