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Re: CODES: Evaluation Reports

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ERs are a way that a manufacturer can gain an approval that there product meets the provisions of the Building Code in the view of ICC.  A Building Official can, theoretically, refuse to accept an ER but seldom will.  If a product doesn't have an ER, then it is up to the design professional if s/he specifies it or the manufacturer for a substitution (upon approval by the design professional) to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Building Official that the product meets the intent of the code. If the design professional objects, it is my experience that the Building Official will usually back the design professional (unless, of course, the manufacturer is a large taxpayer in the jurisdiction [LOL]).
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA 

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Very elementary question:
When are Evaluation Reports required to exist for a product or system before that product or system can be specified for a project governed by the Building Code? That is, are ERs required for any such usage regardless of the circumstances, or are they simply for the convenience of the Building Official (or, looked at another way, for the manufacturer) so that he doesn't have to spend a lot of time reviewing products for compliance?
If an ER doesn't exist, but as often happens the manufacturer has supplied plenty of data such that one can feel comfortable in specifying it for an application where the loads are known, etc., what are you allowed to do? May you specify it and hope the BO just waves a hand at it?

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