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re sloped CMU walls

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Paul and Scott pretty much got it covered. TO further support that, I think it is tough enough to get masons to build a nice straight, plumb wall, with the bars and grout in the right place. Now you are going to throw a sloped foundation at them? I imagine a Monty Pythonish thing happening where the contractor's head literally explodes. Cutting block is not like a finish carpenter doing crown moulding, it is rather rough, with a hand saw or a big chop saw, where cutting an angle for a 16" long block would be really tough. If it is an exposed wall you will end up with a big built up, uneven mortar bed. If it is exposed, your architect will not be happy. Let us know what the contractor says, if they go for the idea I will be shocked...
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL