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RE: CODES: Evaluation Reports

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ICC evaluation reports give you a high degree of confidence that a given product has been reviewed by a third party agency and if installed per the ER guidelines is acceptable.  There is not the same high degree of confidence for manufacturer claims when all they present is a marketing brochure.


ICC reports covering non-standard applications make the non-standard applications easy to approve.  An example might be some yahoos, from an unspecified state, who want to install a bunch of pre-frabricated buildings on piers they claim can resist 2200 lbs of shear.  All they have is a sales brochure.  The piers don’t have an ICC evaluation report.  Must be ok since an engineer licensed in another state specified them for his client the contractor, right? 




Scott Haan


PS. During low tide Texas would fit into Alaska three times instead of the normal two times.




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I guess I am puzzled by the phrase "alternative to the Building Code." I was under the impression that the Code is written in such a way as to admit essentially all methods to achieve the intent.


For example, if you have a special shear panel that is an "alternative" to what is specifically listed in the Code such as wood structural panels, you can submit it for testing as to what the strength is given a specific method of attachment, etc., so that values in a fashion similar to what you see published in the code itself are available to the designer. But this isn't an "alternative to the code" per se. You're still working toward the intent of the code--resisting lateral forces--and the code itself TELLS you that you can do this (as mentioned in someone's earlier post).


Alternative MATERIALS, but still the same intent.

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The ER is not a part of the Code – it allows a particular product to be used as an alternative to the Code.


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