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Braced Timber Frames - R-Value

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I have been wrestling with this for a while and really need to get some

I have a large "carport" (4-car) that is attached to an even larger wood
framed outbuilding (garage) at a residence.  The contractor wants the
"carport" portion to be "timber-framed" with the typical 6x6 columns with
some steel connectors to the roof beams.  I think he is also envisioning
some knee braces - at least I would hope.  

My question is this.....the UBC had an R-Value of 2.8 for braced
timber-frames in Table 16-O but that listing disappeared in the IBC Table
1617.6.2.  Is there any kind of Code guidance on this type of structure any
more?  Is this type of SFRS even allowed anymore?  I can't find any
guidance.  It's pretty hard convincing people why a braced timber frame can
no longer be used when it's "been done like that for years."  So of course
the engineer is the bad guy - again.  Also, is there a phone number we can
give to clients for them call and complain about code revisions?  (just
kidding - kinda)

I designed the building a month ago and ended up putting in cantilevered
steel columns (Inverted Pendulum System) off large footings because of this
issue.  This is in Oregon (seismic territory) and seismic does control in
this area of the building.  

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!  
Haffner Consulting Engineering
Office & Fax:  541-478-3052 

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