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Re: CONCRETE: "-ing" or "-ment"?

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Actually, either is correct.  "Reinforcing"  can be a gerund (a verbal used as a noun).  Other examples:  traveling, sleeping, speeding, lying.
It is probably more common to use "reinforcing steel" or "reinforcing bars"  for clarity.
Personally, though, this is not something I consider a really big deal.  A lot of the engineering publications I read are missing things like verbs and subjects in half the sentences.
There was an article in one of the free junk magazines a while back,  I think  the companion publication to "Structural Engineer."  Somebody had written about the importance of good grammar.  She noted that she had once gone to a web site on skyscrapers and the word "principal"  and been used in place of "principle".  She hadn't read any further on the web site,  because obviously someone who didn't know how to use these words correctly couldn't know anything.
The funny part was that her obsession with correct grammar did not extend to checking her own article for typos ....
I kept the article, to make sure I never hire that woman,  or her firm, for anything.
Gail Kelley