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Thought I would share this interesting article.
Amazing how much TV Americans watch.
9 years of life !

>From American Public Health Association
TV-Turnoff Week Promotes Healthy Living
Tiffany Limtanakool 

On average, American school children spend more time each year in
front of the television set -- over 1,000 hours -- than in the
classroom. The average American will watch over nine years of
television in his or her lifetime. Considering that most children
spend nearly four hours a day watching television, there is no wonder
why the majority of children do not get the surgeon general's
recommended hour of daily exercise. For all the focus on children's
increasingly full schedules, kids have set aside copious amounts of
time for television.

According to the TV-Turnoff Network, a child is 6 percent more at risk
of being overweight for each hour of daily television time. "The
easiest way to reduce inactivity is to turn off the TV set," said
William Dietz, MD, PhD, director of the division of Nutrition and
Physical Activity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"Almost anything else uses more energy than watching TV."

While watching TV, children are also exposed to numerous food and
beverage adds, enticing them to eat more food while getting less
exercise. Even brief exposure to television ads can influence the food
choices of young children. Research from as early as 1978 revealed
that children exposed to ads for sugary foods chose about 25 percent
more of those foods than children in the control group. Data from the
National Institute of Media and the Family in 2000 revealed that the
earliest age by which children can develop brand loyalty is at two
years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that
children younger than two years should watch no television at all.

TV Turnoff Week has been a success in the past, promoting family
communication, physical activity and community togetherness. The
American Public Health Association and many other national health and
children's organizations support the week. All efforts seek to
encourage children to turn off the television set for seven days and
experience what Rachel, a kindergarten student in Virginia and 2004
TV-Turnoff week participant, called "The best week ever!" Remember,
almost anything else uses more energy than watching TV.

For more information or to order an Organizer's Kit, visit TV-Turnoff
Network at or call (202) 333-9220.

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