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Office Student and Teacher edition / Office Standard edition

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I hope that this helps some of you who may be unaware of a great deal. To qualify you must:
1. Be at least a part time student
2. Be a teacher
3. Be a family member of a student
4 Or be associated in any manner (including a tutor) to a student or anyone associated with the education industry.

Microsoft sells a version of Office 2003 Standard Edition for those qualifying with any of the above conditions as the Office 2003 for Students and Teachers. Staples sells the upgrade to any prior version to any Microsoft Office and lists it in their Catalog for $145.00. My local store had a tag on the shelf listing the price at $135.00 and when I took it up to the counter, it was scanned and the price was dropped to $119.95.

Not only is this a great price, but it can be installed at up to three machines and used by three family members at the same time. This version is identical to Office 2003 Standard Edition and for those of you concerned, each product in the office package (Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint) is the full version. For TEDDS users, Word (in this package) is fully compatible. There was a question about XML which is not provided in the package and is used in the programing of TEDDS, but XML is only part of the Office Professional package that is provided as an additional module to allow interaction between offices to share documents on varying operating platforms. Inasmuch as TEDDS is backward compatible with earlier versions of Word that support XML programing, there is no problems that I have found.

If you use Mozilla's Thunderbird for your e-mail client but want to keep using the other features in Outlook 2003, you now have the option to turn off the e-mail portion of the program and to use the other features including you Address book, Tasks, Journals, Notes and all other features of Outlook (sans e-mail). The advantage to this is the ability to link Outlook with your PDA and not require e-mail downloads.

This was a great advantage to upgrading from my previous Dell Installed Office XP package with Office 2003. I also like the features that were added to 2003 - as it integrates much better into other programs.

Hope this software tip helps some of you.


Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant


760.564.0884 (office - fax)

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