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RE: CONCRETE: "-ing" or "-ment"?

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Lots of great stuff here, though:
(Of course, these folks don't use English as a primary language. What's OUR excuse?)

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Gail Kelley    wrote:

> In my personal opinion,  the term "prestressed reinforcement" is
> incorrect - it is the concrete, not the reinforcement, that is
> prestressed. Yet, it is used quite commonly and  I don't think
> it has ever caused anyone to be confused.

Gail, are you suggesting that elongating the strand or wire does not
stress it??
No,  I understand that elongating the strand or wire stresses it. 
But "prestressed concrete"  is concrete that is stressed "pre-"  (before) loading to compensate for subsequent stresses due to loading.
Referrring to "prestressed concrete"  and "prestressing reinforcement" just reinforces the intent of the reinforcing.
I think PCI is pretty consistent in their use of this terminology.  PTI uses whatever pops into their collective heads. 
But my favorite, by far, is the article in Nawy's Concrete Construction Handbook that referred to "prostrating tendons."
Gail Kelley

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