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Re: single angle bending members

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In Canada this is a class 4 section in which case the strength is determined by stability of the member.  In order to assess strength you have to use a reduced section.  If you can give it lateral restraint, such as bolting to your lintel, then you might be able to use the relationships for a class 3 or 2 where yielding capacity governs.  Either way, if the upright leg is in compression, you still have to use a reduce section for the section modulus.  That might explain why the 6x4 appears to have less capacity, but I'd hazard you've made a mistake somewhere.
I can send you my last analysis of a similar situation, but it would be to Canadian standards ... ?

Thor Tandy P.Eng
Victoria, BC
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From: Joe Grill
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 4:32 PM
Subject: single angle bending members

I am once again (or still) pondering the question of single angle bending members.  I am looking at lintels for an existing masonry wall.  I have used the LRFD equations for a 4x4x1/2 angle and compared it to a 6x4x1/2 angle per the LRFD.  Unless I am doing something wrong (and I might be at that) the 6x4 angle has less capacity in flexure than the 4x4 angle.  It just doesn?t seem right.


Has anyone found this to be the case?  Does anyone have a reference with an example that they would like to share with me, in case I am missing something in the LRFD manua?.  My texts don?t cover this aspect.  I would appreciate a fax if possible.



Joe Grill


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