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Re: Special inspection and masonry allowables

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Haan, Scott M POA wrote:

The 00 IBC 1704.1 does not require special inspection for work of a minor
nature or for work exempt from the practice of engineering.  If there is no
building official I guess you do what your conscience or lack of conscience
tells you.  My conscience would tell me they won't grout or reinforce the
wall as specified, they will use the wrong kind of mortar, leave the
specified moisture controlled units out in the rain, put in frozen units and
not install specified cleanouts. Half stresses are a great way to ignore
Hey, I'm working on that building today! The mortar was so badly cracked that the inspector could see though the joints to the outside. After the brick was up, the mason came back and cut/repointed about half the interior joints. The inspector won't pass his (nearly finished) houses until he gets an engineer to okay it. (We have good inspectors around here, BTW, but they still don't have x-ray vision).

Needless to say, he'll be putting in new gravity and lateral load elements around his entire basement. He'll probably get to re-excavate part of his foundation, too, since it appears he backfilled with MH soils.

Don't you just love a booming building market? It attracts so many people to "get rich" as contractors, regardless of experience.

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