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RE: UBC '97 -> Int'l Codes (WAS: ordinary braced frame...)

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I wasn’t trying to say that there isn’t much of a change from UBC to IBC.  There is!  And I’m still trying to understand all the changes. 


I was just trying to say that the underlying philosophy of the definitions as given by Williams for a Bearing Wall system and Building Frame system (the topic at hand), even though based on the UBC, can’t be very different from the IBC.  Sorry if I wasn’t clear. 


My point is this….Even thought the codes change and definitions are tweaked a bit the underlying basis for the definitions don’t (or at least shouldn’t) change much.  A frame is still a frame, a wall is still a wall, a cube is still a cube, etc……




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I’ve seen the code trend too and I would say you are right in your example.  I tend to like the definitions in the Seismic Design of Buildings and Bridges by Alan Williams (pg 54).  Although it is written for the 97 UBC I doubt the basics of each system have changed much. 



A bit off the stated topic (so I changed the subject line):


Is this a valid statement?


I have some of Williams' "older" publications because whenever I "got around to it" I intended to use them for study to take the SE exam.


I guess I've been under the impression that things changed A LOT between '97 UBC and the advent of the International Codes, and so figured I'd just wasted my money.

What's the actual situation? If I learn under Mr. Williams' '97 UBC books, will there be a deficit in my understanding translating to the International Codes?

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