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RE: UBC '97 -> Int'l Codes (WAS: ordinary braced frame...)

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From: Christopher Haffner [mailto:chaffner(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 11:06 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: UBC '97 -> Int'l Codes (WAS: ordinary braced frame...)

>  I wasn’t trying to say that there isn’t much of a change from UBC to IBC.  There is! 


I realize that you weren't doing that.


>  And I’m still trying to understand all the changes.   


Try learning from the perspective of someone who really didn't get it all the first go-round. 


>  I was just trying to say that the underlying philosophy of the definitions as given by Williams for a Bearing Wall  

>  system  and Building Frame system (the topic at hand), even though based on the UBC, can’t be very different 

>  from the IBC.  Sorry if I wasn’t clear. 


It isn't your lack of clarity, but rather my lack of knowledge, that's to blame. That's why I asked the question the way I did. I actually don't know enough about seismic design at this point to be able to spot the subtle differences, if any, between UBC and IBC. 


>  My point is this….Even thought the codes change and definitions are tweaked a bit the underlying basis for the  

>  definitions don’t (or at least shouldn’t) change much.  A frame is still a frame, a wall is still a wall, a cube is still a 

>  cube, etc…… 


That's good to know. But I wonder if I shouldn't "start from scratch" with more up-to-date material, and ditch the five-year-old publications I have by Mr. Williams, so that I don't get thoroughly confused. Hey, they were only like $200 or so...

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