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Following The Money (WAS: CSI Guidelines - Drawing Notes?)

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Subject: Re: CSI Guidelines - Drawing Notes?

Unfortunately, it appears the CSI has no interest in improving all 
construction, only those large enough to employ its registered agents.

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An acerbic comment, to be sure, but one with great validity in my own
opinion. And so, worthy of a separate comment.

The fact is that none of the organizations upon which we depend is
purely altruistic. Mr. Wish has on occasion mentioned why he no longer
participates fully in SEAOC, for example, because he perceives it has an
agenda as much to do with furthering certain interests aside from the
public good. That may be true, and it also may not even be a necessarily
bad thing.

But in the end I think we have to consider the reasons behind certain
endorsements along with other considerations when we make decisions
regarding our work.

For example, I have taken to specifying (or "general noting," as Mr.
Gilligan would no doubt have it) that joints sealants have "current
validation" by the Sealant, Waterproofing, and Restoration Institute
(SWRI - But I have become aware that such
"validation" has to do with the object of SWRI, which is to give a "leg
up" to the member companies--a way of weeding out the small fry.

Now, there may be perfectly good reasons why one ought to insist on such
vetting, but the rationale behind it isn't purely "in the public

In the end you must make your decision based on what you know, and what
your priorities are. Just because some organization is working hard to
earn confiscatory profits, doesn't mean it's being done at your expense.

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