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RE: CSI Guidelines - Drawing Notes?

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With regards to getting the Contractor to read the
specifications,  Bill's quote "Heck, I can't even get
'em to read the general notes." says it all.  Your
problem is not the specifications it is a Contractor
who is playing by a totally different set of rules. 
The real solution is to get another Contractor.

I would suggest that when you have "elaborate "General
Notes" which approach the character of
specifications", then maybe you should be producing
specifications.  The question comes down to what
issues are you comfortable not addressing.

The difficulties with building officials is a problem
that has mostly been ignored.  I will suggest that by
requiring "all information" on the drawings the
building official is placing the owner and his
consultants at greater risk.  The reality is that if
there are specifications it is unlikely that the
General Notes will ever contain all of the
information.  They will contain only the information
that the checker sees as important.  When the plan
checker refuses to look in the specifications it
indicates that he either is not knowledgable regarding
specifications and the code provisions or has decided
not to take the time to verify code compliance.  

When building officials refuse to review
specifications and require "all of the information" on
the drawings they are actually creating a conflict
with the standard contract provisions, such as AIA
A201, which are used by many public agencies. 

Mark Gilligan

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